About Lead-it Africa

Lead-it Africa is a consultancy specialized in Workplace Performance with a special focus on Leadership Development for Sub-Sahara Africa. Our portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of leadership development, strategy & implementation support and stakeholder management

Our Purpose

To build visionary and effective African leaders for sustainable business growth in Africa

Our Vision

Raising African leaders for Business in Africa

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve success in Africa through Strategy Development, Implementation Support and driving Workplace Performance through Leadership Development

Our Values



We operate with a high sense of ethics by being honest with ourselves and all stakeholders

  • We only engage where we can create value
  • We only promise where we have the competence to deliver
  • We take time to understand the true needs of our clients before offering a solution
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    We pursue excellence through continuous learning and improvement


    We focus on creating sustainable value for the future

    Our Commitments



  • We focus on continuous learning
  • We draw from existing knowledge & experience and listen actively to each other to create valuable insights
  • We focus our learning and insights to create sustainable value from challenges and opportunities
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  • We inspire Self-Accountability
  • We believe we can awake leadership in people at all levels
  • We provide high impact tools & guidance to support implementation
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  • We inspire people to take initiative to make things happen
  • We follow-through on execution and learn as we implement
  • We are energized by our clients’ needs and success, to always do better and maintain a winning edge
  • Our Ready-4-Life

    A Career Guidance & Support Program

    Designed to guarantee success in work Life

    We bring out Graduates who are better prepared for work life

    We build Better fit and stronger candidates for Employment

    Supporting better fit and performance in the workplace

    Our CSR

    Supporting growth through education

    We believe that through education you can empower people to lead their own growth and performance.

    In line with this philosophy, we support needy pupils and students with scholarships for primary, secondary and tertiary education.

    We are confident that these scholarships will not only deliver personal benefits to the beneficiaries and their immediate families but will go a long way to benefit society as a whole.

    Empowering People for growth and performance is at the heart of what we do

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