Youth Leadership Developmental Programs (YLDP)


A Career Guidance & Support Program

Designed to guarantee success in work Life
  • We support Graduates to be better prepared for work life
  • We help to build stronger and better fit candidates for Employment
  • We support continuing development and performance in the workplace


A Character Forming Program

Designed to support the youth in those critical teenage years to build a positive character for life. Build-4-Life entails
  1. School Leadership Programs
  2. Mentorship
  3. Vacation camps


Early Leadership Program

Designed to inculcate positive behaviors and a growth mindset in the pre-teen years and healthily prepare the young ones for life’s journey ahead. The Grow-4-Life program includes
  1. Story Telling
  2. Overcoming setbacks quickly
  3. Mental Fortitude & Discipline

Supporting growth through education