Youth Leadership Developmental Programs (YLDP)


A Career Guidance & Support Program

Designed to guarantee success in work Life
  • We support Graduates to be better prepared for work life
  • We help to build stronger and better fit candidates for Employment
  • We support continuing development and performance in the workplace


A Character Forming Program

Designed to support the youth in those critical teenage years to build a positive character for life. Build-4-Life entails
  1. School Leadership Programs
  2. Mentorship
  3. Vacation camps


Early Leadership Program

Designed to inculcate positive behaviors and a growth mindset in the pre-teen years and healthily prepare the young ones for life’s journey ahead. The Grow-4-Life program includes
  1. Story Telling
  2. Overcoming setbacks quickly
  3. Mental Fortitude & Discipline

Our Scholarships

Supporting growth through education

  1. We believe that through education you can empower people to lead their own growth
  2. In line with this philosophy, we support needy pupils and students with scholarships for primary, secondary and tertiary education.
  3. We are confident that these scholarships will not only deliver personal benefits to the beneficiaries and their immediate families but will go a long way to benefit society as a whole.

Supporting growth through education


Mentors World

Mentors World

Mentors World is a networked community of supportive individuals who are ready to mentor and be mentored.
    1. The community provides relevant tools, learning materials, a digital platform and people with the right set of experience and skills to support others through their life-learning journeys
    2. The learning experiences are mutually beneficial for mentors and mentees
    3. The mentorship relationships are outcomes-focused, thus delivering tangible benefits to participants
    4. Mentors World programs are versatile and can be deployed @
    • Work
    • Homes
    • Schools
    • Church, Societies, etc.
    • Communities


Bridge-to-Impact Network is a Non-Profit Organization that supports groups and companies to achieve tangible social impact for their projects and programs. We specialize in Health and other Social Impact Programs. We cover;

Programs & Project Management

  1. Programs & Project Concept Design
  2. Project Execution
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation
  4. Project Fund Management

Social Research & Marketing

  1. Social Impact of Diseases and Community Behaviours
  2. Communication and Social Marketing
  3. Health Systems Evaluations & Assessment

Patient Support Programs

  1. Patient Counselling & Education
  2. Treatment Adherence Management
  3. Disease Management & Outcomes Evaluations