Our Approach

Simple  Fun  .  Effective
MEA-f is a Lead-it Africa model for delivering results from prevailing opportunities and challenges. The model explores a pathway that ensures desirable outcomes and results are achieved by leveraging four (4) major elements:


1. Mindset          2. Engagement          3. Action          4. Feedback
Mindset forms the bases for every action that one may or may not take. A person’s mindset is highly influenced by their belief system.

R3G is a Lead-it Africa model that plays a central role in shaping Mindset towards positive actions and outcomes. It is strongly underpinned by the concept of Resourcefulness.

H U R A V® is a Lead-it Africa model for effective people engagement and interactions. It is a simple and effective way of dealing with people to get the best out of them. Every person in any interaction has the strong need to be
  • Heard

  • Understood

  • Respected

  • Accepted

  • Valued

>When people feel H U R A V® they are more likely to collaborate and put in their very best.

make it happen loogo-01

Make-it Happen is the Lead-it Africa model to deliver results through implementation in a collaborative, fun and sustainable way.