The Lead-it Way

We facilitate interactions between organizations and their stakeholders to create value. We guarantee sustainable delivery of organizational goals through our integrated approach to stakeholder management at all levels of projects, programs and portfolios

We work with you to uncover opportunities and develop effective tailor-made solutions to every challenge

 Facilitating interactions between organizations and their stakeholders to create value

Stakeholder management is a critical component to the successful delivery of any project, program or activity

Gaps in The Market

Relationships between NGOs, government officials, industry players and other stakeholders are necessary emerging needs for creating improved access to markets in SSA. Organizations are saddled with multiple stakeholders with varied needs and expectations. Addressing these needs and expectations come with significant challenges including:
  • Potential compliance exposure in highly regulated industries
  • Lack of requisite skills to engage non-conventional stakeholders
  • Poor or inexistent stakeholder engagement strategies

Our Offer

We support organizations to improve their stakeholder management and engagement outcomes. We serve as brokers to manage non-conventional stakeholders in order to reduce the compliance exposure to companies in highly regulated industries. Our scope or services in this area include:
  • Engagement strategies for stakeholders
  • Concept & content generation for stakeholder engagement forums

Our Edge

Our unique learning approach promotes critical thinking and inclusiveness by working with people in the client’s organization to foster skills development, behavioral change, and increased performance