Our Approach


Make-it-Happen is a unique model to ensure that organizations and individuals optimize the benefits of their strategy and learning.

The model is a key component of Lead-it Africa’s approach and it is focused on converting

Knowledge & Skills

Make-it-Happen has delivered great benefits in supporting groups and individuals to transform challenges & opportunities to desired outcomes. It provides the relevant insights and tools to help

  1. Move ideas to ACTION
  2. Mobilize support & resources
  3. Deliver outcomes in a Sustainable, Fun & Collaborative way

Some real life applications of Make-it-Happen

Practical implementation for
  1. Post-Conference / Meeting Action Plans
  2. Business / Organizational Strategies & Action Plans
  3. Organizational Culture, Behaviors & Norms
  4. Workshop Outcomes
  5. Learning Objectives from Training Programs
  6. Individual Development Plans
  7. General Education
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