Our Approach

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Make-it Happen is the Lead-it Africa model to deliver high-impact results through implementation in a collaborative, fun and sustainable way.
The model supports organizations and individuals to optimize the benefits of their strategy and learning.

The Make-it-Happen Model is focused on

3 Key Areas


To provide Implementation Support to deliver strategic outcomes in a collaborative, fun & sustainable way
MiH Strategy


To provide Systematic Follow Up to convert knowledge and skills to visible positive behaviors
MiH Knowlegde & Skills


To support organizations to optimize meeting outcomes by working with participants to convert ideas to actions
MiH Discussion

Some real life applications of Make-it-Happen

  1. Post-Conference / Meeting Action Plans
  2. Business / Organizational Strategies & Action Plans
  3. Organizational Culture, Behaviors & Norms
  4. Workshop Outcomes
  5. Learning Objectives from Training Programs
  6. Individual Development Plans
  7. General Education
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