A Career Guidance & Support Program designed to guarantee success in work Life.
Ready-4-Life is designed to create good fit and better prepared graduates to succeed within the opportunities & challenges of work life.

The Structure

R-4-L builds graduates for a better fit and performance in work life

The process helps to create
  • Early & Stronger leaders in society
  • Better fit and stronger candidates for Employment

This is achieved by
  • Career Options & Interests
  • Personality vs. Interest & Passion
  • Attitudes and behaviors required for work success

The Process

Features of R-4-L

R-4-L is all about…
  • Understanding the Career Options available to you as a graduate
  • Understanding Your Personality, Interests & Passion and how those fit your career choice
  • Acquiring Basic Skills for Life & Your Preferred Career

The Benefit

R-4-L guarantees
Guidance & Mentorship to deliver

Informed Career Choices

Early Leadership Capabilities planned around
  • Focused Formal Learning (10%)
  • Coaching & Mentorship (20%)
  • Hands-on Experience (70%)

for a successful Work Life...



Other Features

Make it Happen
Work Projects & Leadership Challenges to drive Skills Building & Execution for success.
Taking Leadership to mobilize resources and support for your development
R-4-L delivers reproducible and robust outcomes to creates good fit and better prepared graduates to succeed within the opportunities & challenges of work life.
Discovering your Genius
An insightful challenge to help you to know yourself better.
  • Emmanuel Tetteh
    ❝It was very educative and this program has given me a wider scope to search for what my career options are after college❞
    Emmanuel Tetteh
  • ❝At the end of the presentation I learned a lot and it has helped me to venture into new career areas and I am looking forward to the next R-f-L program by Lead-it Africa❞
    Abena Kumiwaa
  • ❝As compared to other sessions I’ve attended elsewhere, this is unique in the sense that it is very engaging and informative. I would say it has made the most impact on me and I would recommend Lead-it Africa to any organization any day❞
    Charles Debrah
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